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Johnny Johnston

Christmas Party Entertainer, Corporate Clean , Just for Laughs Comedian, Musical Comedy, Stand-Up Comedian,


Johnny Bagpipes Johnston performs his comedy-music show and is the fulcrum where rock & roll meets bagpipes and leaves you doubled-over by his sincere, clever wit.

For a solid thirty years he has awed and humoured audiences with his clean, corporate-appropriate comedy show; a show which Canada’s biggest companies have gladly booked and counted on to enhance their events.

More than just plaid, Johnny Bagpipes Johnston delivers his hilarious comedy performance with a Scottish twist that bowls audiences over! Johnny Johnston never fails to deliver the good clean humor that is his trademark! When Rock and Roll collides with the pipes you will find Johnny.

Johnny’s humour has tickled hundreds of corporate conferences such as McDonalds, Esso/Exxon, CNIB and many, many more! Johnny’s version of good clean fun is sure to leave audiences chuckling with a greater appreciation for the bagpipes. From Flower of Scotland to Van Halen! He is sure to get your group going!

Johnny is a dual-citizen so hopping borders is no issue, and neither is managing any requirements event planners have. He has worked with various groups and crowds and can tell you hilarious stories about ‘incidents’—situations that never catch this professional like a deer in the headlights. You can count on him to bring the funny and do it with polish.