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Don Bryan

Christmas Party Entertainer, Corporate Clean , Interactive Entertainment, Variety Performer, Ventriloquist,


The need for laughter and entertainment is probably more prevalent today than at any other time in history. So many industry are finding themselves in a state of constant change and confusion that they forget the important of the camaraderie of laughter. If you’re ready for some new entertainment this year, there’s some light and laughter at the end of the comedy tunnel.

Don Bryan, Canada’s premier ventriloquist/humorist has been a well-kept secret in North America for the past 30 years. As one of the most highly-acclaimed ventriloquists in the world, his fast-paced, hysterically funny and completely customized presentations combine to delight even the most jaded audiences.

With an exceptional talent for researching and tailoring his performance to an audience’s specific requirements, Don Bryan is a rare talent in an industry of “can openers”! Each performance is peppered with regional, political and industry humor and the outrageous situations his characters can drag the audience into will leave them howling in the aisles and, sometimes … falling out of their chairs.

Don and cast of characters help audiences find the joy of the “belly laugh” again. We can’t help but laugh at ourselves and the trails of everyday life.

After all … didn’t someone say, “To err is human, to laugh hysterically is utterly divine”!