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Chris Gowen

Christmas Party Entertainer, Corporate Clean , Magician, Variety Performer,


Chris Gowen is an award winning Magician and Master of sleight of

hand that provides entertainment for the 21st century. With shows

that are high energy, filled with non-stop action and laugh out loud

comedy from start to end. There's no question as to why Chris is the

#1 choice of so many. Chris provides shows for Adult, family and

children audiences. Each show is different and perfectly suited to its


Chris' shows are among the first in the world specifically designed for

the Youtube Generation, but all audiences will have an absolute blast!

Where as most magic shows have 6-15 moments of magic Chris'

shows have, on average, 50-60 moments of world class sleight of

hand magic and you'll still be left wanting more!

Chris has helped to make hundreds of events a huge success for some

of the biggest names and companies in Alberta such as Epcore, ATB,

Qualico and many others. Let him help you make your next event the

one that everyone will be posting on social media and talking about

for weeks and even months after the event has ended! Satisfaction

%100 guaranteed!

ADULT CLOSE-UP MAGIC: Guests will see things such as a live fish

appear into a glass of water, a borrowed Toonie completely bend and

the middle pop out and given back to your guests to keep, things will

appear under their watch, in their hands and in Pictures on your

guests phone, these pictures are posted to their social media and the

story is told and that doesn't scratch the surface!

ADULT PARLOUR AND STAGE: Borrowed finger rings will be linked

together in a flash of fire, A watch is borrowed, destroyed, and

appears restored in an amazing place, even a card trick that happens

in the audiences hands as they follow along with him, and much


KIDS AND FAMILY: These shows are highly interactive. Many of the

children will be invited up on to the stage and get to perform the

magic themselves and are the true stars of these shows. This show is

so amazing and funny that even the adults in the crowd will be

roaring with laughter and picking their jaws up off of the floor along

with the kids guaranteed!!

Events include everything from weddings, School Assemblies, Library

shows, Festivals, Street Performing, corporate Christmas Parties to

custom presentations for corporate clients at trade shows and much