Steroids for women


Steroids for women steroids

Steroids for women

But quite actively anabolic steroids began to be used for women who found their advantages in them

Back in 1935, researchers from the medical field found out that thanks to the hormone testosterone, you can increase muscle mass. And already in 1954, this discovery found application in the form of steroid (or anabolic) drugs among weightlifting athletes. Having become widespread, steroids began to be used in almost all sports, except, perhaps, grass hockey and figure skating. In addition to sports, steroid drugs are widely used in medicine: treatment of oncology, replenishment of the body with hormones, treatment of HIV-infected (preservation and strengthening of muscle tissue).

What are steroids

Steroids are the male hormone testosterone, obtained artificially and intended to increase muscle mass by burning fat, to better regenerate cells, to improve protein synthesis in muscle tissue, as a result of which muscles become more enduring and prominent.

Steroids can also have a beneficial effect on the physical and psychological state: strengthen the immune system, improve mood, increase sexual activity, and the result – an attractive appearance and positive.

Female steroids

Most often, steroids are used by men. After all, they want to build muscle in order to make an impression, to be strong and courageous (if they are, of course, not athletes). But quite actively anabolic steroids began to be used for women who found their advantages in them:

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Women not only increase muscle mass (muscles, because steroids burn fat), but also become stronger and more vigorous. And those who play sports achieve great results in a shorter time.

In the body, the processes of cell recovery and protein synthesis are accelerated, which affects the improvement of the quality of muscle tissue.

The rise of sexual desire is felt, the degree of orgasm increases.

Psychologically, a woman becomes less vulnerable because the feeling of spiritual comfort, confidence in their actions increases.

But it should be remembered that steroids, like all medicines, require a certain dosage. Otherwise, side effects can not be avoided. A gentle female body should be used with caution in order to remain feminine. With the abuse of anabolic or improper dosage (possibly from ignorance), the body can undergo various changes, because the testosterone they contain is, first of all, the male hormone. If the use of anabolic steroids is taken lightly, then changes in the body will not take long to appear, and they usually manifest themselves in the following:

Increase hair growth on both the body and the face.

A change in voice that gets lower and rougher.

The clitoris can increase, outwardly resemble a male member.

Breast atrophy.

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Inability to get pregnant.

And, as a result, a depressed state up to depressive.

To avoid such troubles, choosing steroids for girls should be approached to the issue consciously, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, with an understanding of the consequences of their use. While taking anabolic steroids, one should adhere to a certain diet, not exceed the rate of the drug used, give up bad habits, regulate one’s load, in other words, do not let everything take its course. If suddenly there are any strange changes in the body, this is the first alarming bell that steroids testomix should be discontinued, since an excess of testosterone in the female body can lead to a number of irreversible consequences. Perhaps you need to reduce the dosage or even replace the drug.

If you still decide to take steroids to look better and feel great, then you can choose the following female steroids:

Avanar This is the optimal anabolic for the female body, because the harm from them is minimal if you take strictly 10 mg for 6 weeks.

Primobolan. 100 mg for 6 weeks will help you stay in shape. But compared with Avanar, this drug should be taken while monitoring the condition of the liver, since it is toxic.

Winstrol. Very individual drug. Not every woman he fits. Accept only after consulting with experts.

Equipoise It can be taken only by those who have a very low level of testosterone.

This, of course, is not a complete list of drugs from the group of steroids for women, but only the most common and safe ones. Choosing one or another anabolic, you should once again assess the body’s capabilities, consult with experts and clarify to itself, for what purpose you need to use and what results to achieve.

Steroids for girls

Steroids for women steroids

Girls should take steroids with extreme caution, as these are future mothers, and you can hurt yourself at a young age very quickly. It should be remembered that the irreversible consequences as a result of uncontrolled use or improperly chosen anabolic steroids include not only the manifestation of such male signs as hair growth on the whole body, coarsening of the voice, chest atrophy, but also infertility.

Girls who took steroids, noted such reasons why they decide to start taking steroids:

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Most often, girls want to lose weight.

They want to get rid of “problem areas”.

Pump up the muscles of individual parts of the body.

And here come drugs such as:

Oxandrolone. It is safe for young age, especially if taken in a short time, in several stages, and 10 mg. The drug will add vital energy, which will stimulate classes in the gym or fitness club, strengthen the immune system, and after it the body does not need restorative procedures.

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Boldenone will help slowly build up quality muscles. But since the drug stimulates the appetite fairly well, it is necessary to combine its reception with trips to fitness or to the gym.

Anadrol is somewhat similar in quality to Baldenon, and also has a healing effect: it helps relieve joint pain.

Testosterone in the form of injections. One of the most expensive drugs. But it is worth it, because it has a lot of positive qualities: in addition to increasing muscle mass and reducing body fat, it has a beneficial effect on the heart, nourishes it with oxygen, improves the general physical and psychological state of girls, stimulates libido. The main thing is that the feeling of happiness and harmony with oneself does not increase the dosage of the drug.

If you want cubes on your stomach or reduce weight, then the dose can be increased to 20 mg, but not more, and taken again in a short time.

To fix the result, add stiffness to muscles, Clenbuterol will help to remove excess fat. This auxiliary drug is usually used after a course of steroids, but you can drink it and steroids for girls at the same time.

In addition to the above negative effects of steroids on the female body, there may be more:

Liver problems some anabolics contain toxic substances. The liver is under constant stress because of them. If you suddenly feel discomfort, you must be on the drug, choose another.

Due to the fact that some women, while on a diet, taking drugs on an empty stomach, diarrhea can occur. In this case, the problem is solved easily: drink pills during or after meals.

Steroids for women after 40 years

Before you start taking steroids after 40 years, it is necessary to be examined by doctors, pass the necessary tests, check the status of all organs, assess their physical load. Usually, women are encouraged to take steroids in order to stay beautiful, in good physical shape. And besides the usual anti-aging cosmetics, physical exercises and diets, women resort to using steroid drugs. Traditionally for women of the specified age the following anabolic steroids are recommended:

Toremifen, able to rid a woman of excess fat folds and folds on the thighs and buttocks.

Drugs containing growth hormone, which will improve the condition of the joints, make the muscles taut, strong, have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails. In addition, more than other drugs, can improve mental state.

Oxandrolone. This drug is prescribed most often, because this age group of women is characterized by a decrease in the hormone testosterone in the body.

Since anabolic steroids should always be approached consciously and prepared, women who take steroids know that:

The body will not get rid of excess fat as quickly as you would like. Therefore, do not despair and increase the dose.

The fat in the lower part of the body begins to disappear only after it has left the upper half of the body.

If a woman has not been engaged in gymnastics or diet for a long time, then the organism should be prepared. You need to start with the diet.

While taking steroids, you need to completely give up the pill. Since these two drugs can not be taken at the same time.

Great success in achieving a beautiful and slim figure can be achieved by women who have already given birth, because their bodies have already endured hormonal changes and it will be easier for them to adapt to the use of steroid drugs.

All over the world female steroids are widely used to look beautiful and always be in good shape. Thanks to steroids, you can improve the quality of life. The main thing here is the consultation of a specialist and the correctly selected drugs.