Mike Bullard

TV Personality
emcee & host
Brent Butt

Corner Gas
TV Comedian

Roman Danylo

Comedy Inc.
Comedy Now
Debra Digiovanni

Female Comedian
Female Stand-up

Newfoundland comedian

"That Canadian Guy"
Don Bryan

Vancouver Ventriloquist
Peter Kelamis

Greek comedian impressions
Lars Callieou
Lars Callieou

Edmonton comedian
Scott Harris

Corporate Emcee
Corporate Clean
Dueling Pianos

Musical Entertainment
Doug Funk

improv comedian
stand-up comic
Pete Zedlacher
Pete Zedlacher
Canadian Comedy Award nominee

Paul Mussell

farmer comedian rural humour

Joey Elias

Jewish comedian
Jewish Humour
Jimmy Mac

Winnipeg comedian
TV host
Brian Stollery

Calgary comedian
Alberta comedian Custom comedy
Gerry Barrett

Aboriginal comedian
Elvis Comedian

Clark Robertson

Don Cherry


Victoria comedian
Music comedy
Buck MacLeod

Magic Shows

Stand-up Comedians, Variety Entertainers, Corporate Entertainment
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Giggles Comedy Agency is Canada's most well respected comedy agency, specializing in clean comedians corporate, community and special events. If you need to hire a stand-up comedian to entertain at your association’s convention or your company’s AGM; call Giggles Comedy Agency, Canada’s finest talent agency, specializing in clean corporate and community friendly entertainment.

If your next corporate or community event requires a clean comedian, ventriloquist, hypnotist, magician, illusionist, sports celebrity or a motivational speaker, leave it to Giggles Comedy Agency. Call the booking agency that corporate event planners depend on when they want to look good to their clients.

We also supply clean entertainment for your sports team fundraiser, after dinner entertainment, community fundraising events, corporate golf tournaments and your company holiday party.

If you want to know more about Giggles Comedy Agency, click on “About Giggles” you'll find links to numerous articles that will help you make an informed decision. Click on “Complete List of Entertainers” where you will find bios & videos to some of the best performers available.

Instead of singing our own praises, please browse through our list of comedians. Simply click on the links provided on each performer’s page and you can watch live videos to help you in making the right decision. If you need help deciding; our highly qualified talent agents at Giggles Comedy Agency are there to help you.

President & Agent
Ed Smeall

Direct Line: 416-907-5922
Toll-free: 1-888-818-3900

Ines Schaefer

Elvira Kurt

Female emcee Second City
Mark Critch

22 Minutes
Political Humour
Derek Edwards

Timmins Comedian
Clean comedian
Sylvain Larocque
Sylvain Larocque
Quebec comedian
Bilingual comedian
Darrin Rose
Bill on Mr. D
Match Game host

East Indian Comedian

Kenny Shaw

Cowboy Humour
Musical Comedy

Matt Disero

Comedy Magic
Jonny Harris
Darryl Purvis
Newfoundland and Irish Humour
Frank Spadone

Italian comedian
ethnic humour
Dennis Hull

Sports celebrity
Hockey player
Dave Hemstad

Sports Humour
Toronto Comedian
Jimmy Flynn

Maritimes comedian
Rick Currie

Ottawa comedian Corporate friendly
Denis Grignon

Bilingual emcee
custom comedy

Meg Soper

Medical humour
Nurse comedian keynote speaker

Leland Klassen

Christian clean comedian
Kelly Taylor

Saskatchewan comedian
College comedian

Anthony Lindan

team building

Norma McKnight

Vancouver Comedian
Victor J. Hanson

Musical comedy